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Why Way Nuff?

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Way Nuff Stuff is the destination for cool, hip and comfortable clothing and accessories for rowers, coxswains, coaches and their families, friends and fans.

Our current line-up includes our original designs for onesies, sports bras, spandex trou, t-shirts, tank tops, sweat shirts and pants, shorts, hats, jackets, flip flops, parkas, headbands, decals, mugs, duffels, backpacks, phone cases, headwraps and more.

We aim to make the association with crew and its time-honored spirit of fitness, selflessness and determination as involving, hip and fun off the water as it is on. That means for all junior, college and master rowers… and spectators too.

In naval terms, “way enough” means you've rowed close enough (to the dock or vessel) that you can pull in the oars and coast the rest of the way. Which does little to explain why we say “Way enough stuff is never enough!”

Why is the sport of rowing “catching” on?

Get inside this junior women’s varsity 8 to experience a 2000m race from the coxswain’s seat and we think you’ll “catch” the excitement too!


More about us…

As parents of three kids who’ve been into rowing for seven years (one now on a major PAC-12 men’s team), Bill and Kerrie Sanders decided not to take a chance that their own involvement with the sport might end if their children ever outgrew the sport. 

So they combined their passion for the regatta lifestyle (and the terrific kids who are its driving force) with Kerrie’s experience and resources derived from her wholesale apparel business, K Sanders Designs, and Bill’s marketing and creative skills honed over many years as a television and new media producer and executive to launch Way Nuff Stuff.

We've enjoyed meeting so many of you in person last fall at Head of the American in Sacramento and our first (freezing, but fabulous) visit to Head of the Hooch in Chattanooga, as well as the spring and summer of 2015 at the San Diego Crew Classic, the Southwest Junior Regionals at Lake Natoma, the electrifying (heh heh) Junior Nationals in Sarasota, FL and the charming Chicago Sprints. 

Watch for us this fall at the Head of the American and a (hopefully warmer and calmer) Return to the Head of the Hooch with more of our Halloween-appropriate "Peace Love Row" gnarly rower's hand designs.

The Commodore & the Quartermaster

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We want you to be happy with your Stuff. To return items within 30 days, drop us a line at qm@waynuff.com (or call 727-999-4727) to let us know what you'd like to return and send the item(s) back. We'll credit the amount back to your original payment method as soon as we get your package.

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