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Our “See the USA” head race tour is over, so it must be time to shop for the holidays!

Posted on December 04 2014

Sacramento, Boston, Los Angeles, Chattanooga and San Francisco Bay. Heads of the American, Charles, Marina, Hooch and Lagoon 2014 are in the record books. What a fun fall! (Even with the sub-arctic polar vortex chilling Chattanooga...)

So now every rower's thoughts turn to “What do I want for the holidays?”

We suggest you send your family, friends and followers to waynuff.com for some creative gift shopping. After all, who else carries our tribute to blisters, the “Peace Love Row” line of shirts, hats, sweats and beanies?

Or the always tasteful “I Made My Split” tanks and tees?

Or print-in-the-sand Way Nuff flip flops so you’ll leave your port and starboard marks everywhere you go. (In the snow, perhaps?)

And the ever popular line of “Weigh Enough?” women’s tops...

Just send them a note with a couple hints and a link to waynuff.com and your holiday dreams will be filled with oar-bearing elephants and exploding rainbow heads, courtesy of Way Nuff Stuff.

Happy Holidays!

Bill & Kerrie


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